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General Information

Playground Supervision and Regulations
The playground is supervised starting at 8:30 a.m.  Because of safety reasons, children will not be allowed on the playground until 8:30 a.m.  The playground is supervised every afternoon until 3:30 p.m.  After 3:30 p.m. the playground is closed.


Pocket Knives, Toys, Etc.
Students are to leave all toys, games, play equipment, and electronics, etc. at home.  Bringing knives or any instrument capable of causing bodily harm is contrary to district and state regulations and can result in suspension, transfer, or expulsion.


Lost and Found/Possession Marking
Please label all lunch pails, lunch sacks, sweaters, jackets, purses, wallets, backpacks, etc. with your student's name.  Many articles of clothing remain unclaimed from our lost and found. The lost and found is located in our school cafeteria.


Street Crossing & Parking
Please encourage your child to follow directions and urge him/her to cross only at intersections.  Parents must exercise great care when picking up children.  

The following are some traffic guidelines:

 - No parking or dropping off in any of the parking lots or driveways before or after school

 - Never drop your child off in the street

 - Do not double park while dropping your child off or picking them up

 - Pull all the way to the curb and open the door curbside to allow your child to exit/enter the vehicle.

 - Arrive at Webster on the school side of the street.  Do not allow your children or yourself to jaywalk

 - Use the marked crosswalks to cross the street


No Animals on Campus

No pets of any kind are  allowed on campus at any time...whether before school, during the day, or after school.


Staff Parking Lots
This area is strictly for staff use only.  Do not drop your children off or park in those lots.  It is very important that parents and students not park in or walk through the staff lots to enter the campus.  This is a dangerous area for children to be walking through.


Students may use school telephones for emergencies only.  Please make arrangements with your child daily for after-school activities, transportation, etc.  


Parent-teacher conferences for all grades are scheduled in November and select conferences in March.  If additional conferences are desired, please call or send a note to the teacher so he/she can arrange a conference when needed.


Disaster Preparedness Plan
Webster Elementary School has a Disaster Preparedness Plan in place.  This plan is in line with the LBUSD plan. The plan is reviewed with the Webster Staff on an ongoing basis.  We are all hopeful it will not be necessary to put this plan in effect.  However, if an emergency should occur in the school, the LBUSD schools are some of the safest places to be.


Care of School Property
Please work with us in building pride in our school community by encouraging your child to show respect for school property.  Vandalism hurts all of us.  Dollars spent to repair damage caused by vandalism mean less dollars available for instruction and materials for your child. If you live near the school and witness any vandalism, please report it to the LBUSD 24 hour security number:  (562) 997-8101.


Parents are held financially responsible by law for the acts of their children which result in damage to school property, including equipment, books, materials, desks, and the building.


Please remind your children to respect our school environment by making sure that litter is placed in our trash receptacles.  


Medication at School
Please be advised that we are forbidden by law to assist students with taking any medication unless we receive information from the doctor and the parent. Medication forms are available in the school nurse's office.